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02-chatchat-gph205 - GPH-205 Spring 2011 ChitChat#2 End of...

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GPH-205 Spring 2011 ChitChat #2 End of the first week of the term Jim Janossy April 1, 2011 Whazzup? Yo baby! Here is an end-of-first week little summing up and some advice on digging into the course and understanding what s required (and what’s not!) On-the-fly Lecture (O.F.L. but do not pronounce that) Here s a very short video recorded at noon on the Friday of the first week of the term. See it at this link: http://q123.us/401 . Whoa! What s with that weird URL? Just click that yellow box, it will work fine. But here s a bit of explanation. The form of the material you are reading will ultimately be usable as learning materials in e- book form (as you are getting it) and as print material usable by portable devices and desktops to view the videos. To make it handy to enter a URL for a video by typing only very few characters I use what is called a qWiklink . (Looks like it has something to do with a Wiki but there is no connection.) These links are actually to a redirection site similar to bit.ly and owl.ly. I
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