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BC AD - BC and AD Explained The terminology associated with...

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D:\GPH205_summer2010\Unit1\BC_AD\BC_AD.doc © 2010 Jim Janossy BC and AD Explained The terminology associated with dates that cross over the “0” year div iding line can be confusing. The birth of Jesus Christ has long figured as a pivot point in the way dates are expressed in Western societies. Many other calendars (ways to count years) exist. Another well known one is the Jewish calendar, in which 2010 is actually expressed as year 5770 (the Jewish calendar begins with 0 at the creation of Adam and Eve). The Hijri date is the Islamic calendar. It started in the year in which the prophet Muhammad immigrated from Makkah (Mecca) to Madinah: 579 AD. Year 2010 in the western calendar is year 1431 in the Hijri calendar. The French Republican calendar (French revolutionary calendar) was proposed during the French Revolution and used in France for about 12 years from late 1793 to 1805. It designated 1789 the year of the French revolution as year I with years numbered in Roman numerals. It was abandoned by Napoleon in 1806 (year XVIII).
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