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Homepage | About Us | Shipping | Reference | Mailing List | Help | Search for: Search Sign In The 18 Lohan / Arhats Buddhism is one of the world's most popular religions, and this Hindu-based belief system is moving from its traditional base in Asia and being adopted by many people in North America and Europe. Buddhist mythology centers around the teachings of "the Buddha," who attained spiritual peace and enlightenment. While Buddhists do not worship the Buddha or any other deities or icons, icons and art have become an important part of Buddhist beliefs and practice. While the figure of Buddha sitting with hands clasped is perhaps the most famous of these icons, the 18 Lohans or Arhats are also an important part of any Buddhist temple. Lohans are followers of Buddhism's "Eightfold Path" who have achieved full spiritual fulfillment. They have reached "Nirvana," the state of absolute freedom from worldly cravings, and because of this they are no longer subject to reincarnation. Their eternal status makes them akin to guardian angels, adept at
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