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Who is Watching and What Does He See? Examine the images and read the text above. G ive it some thought. Are you “intimidated” or affected by someone looking at you? For myself, I have to say that it creeps me out to look at those eyeballs staring at me. These days the effect might even be heightened because we all know that video surveillance cameras are present in many stores and public locations so we may think that a picture with eyes like that is just a visual warning about the cameras “someone is watching.” But isn’t that exactly the same as with many of the religious artworks and church decorations we have seen leading up to the Renaissance? Review page 54 in your Visual Technology Workbook , which is
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Unformatted text preview: entitled “A thinking and discussion reading on perspective.” We won’ t discuss this topic on a discussion board but you should be familiar with the notions expressed on that page, which is an extract from a writing by Christopher Small. In this paragraph Small gives a lucid description of several differences in orientation and outlook of people before and after the Renaissance and the effect of these differences on art. He proposes an explanation for the differences and how and why the thinking of artists changed. These are interesting and important ideas. You should be familiar with them and should consider drawing on these ideas as a resource in your reflective essay and final exam for GPH-205....
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