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Sensation Notes - Rod receptors are found on the peripheral...

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Sensation The human body cannot hear over 22kHz Formaldehyde goes right to the brain and paralyzes use of smell Stimulus is used with light Sc lera is the hardest part of the eye, its like rubber, it makes the first reflective lense direct extension from your eyeball to your brain is the choroid Two types of transducers are rods and cones Accommodation is used by humans to see things within 18 inches Presbyopia- loss of accommodation in the eye Cone receptors are in the back of the retina
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Unformatted text preview: Rod receptors are found on the peripheral , rods increase sensitivity Blood running through the retina causes red eyes on camera Ganglion cells are long, and poke 2 holes in the back of your eyes and cause two blind spots Receptors are all over the tounge As you get older, sweet receptors disappear and sweet stays only on the front of the tounge Thresholds are higher you are more sensitive, and if theyre lower they are less sensitive...
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