assignment2 - benefits of this system would outweigh the...

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Ashley Fitzpatrick MKT 3360 W-3:30 class In Basket Exercise-CH 2: 1. Yes, lying to a customer is unethical and can eventually get the firm into a lot of trouble. 2. Yes, if there was a code of ethics, then employees would know the standards that management has set. Employees would feel inclined to follow the criteria because it is spelled out. There should also be listed consequences to deter unethical behavior. 3. I would state that lying of any sort to customers is a punishable action and is wrong. I would enforce it by stating that it may hold severe consequences, from suspension to being laid off. In Basket Exercise-CH 3: 1. Dear Mr. Oil, As you know, the demand for oil is at an all-time high. In a time like this, we must be selective in seeking future business and we also must focus efficiently on current customers. We have more than enough funding to implement a CRM system. The
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Unformatted text preview: benefits of this system would outweigh the cost. We need to be efficient in our operations to maximize profit. The CRM system will help us to maximize profit while keeping customers happy and seeking out only the most profitable and beneficial business partners. Because customer relationship management is able to personalize customer needs, our clientele will feel more involved and significant. This will help in building customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key to continuing the business relationship. Future business and commitment is important to our firm because retention of great customers is more profitable than seeking out customers. Please contact me to discuss the implementation. Best Regards, Worker 2. Bolded in the above answer....
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assignment2 - benefits of this system would outweigh the...

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