human resources.zain - Human Resource Development (HRM-627)...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Resource Development (HRM-627) VU © Copyright Virtual University of Pakistan 1 Lesson 1 INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT The achievement of sustained and equitable development remains the greatest challenge facing the human race. Despite good progress over the past generation, more than 1 billion people still live in acute poverty and suffer grossly inadequate access to the resources-education, health services, infrastructure , land and credit-required to give them a chance of a better life. The essential task of development is to provide opportunities so that these people and hundreds of millions not much better off, can reach their potential. World Bank, 1992 The world has progressed in many unique ways and directions in the last three decades. It has developed technologically, economically and industrially. It is also richer in terms of human capabilities, facilities and quality of living. Improvements in education, communication, technology and markets have made the world a global village. People live longer today, are better informed, can communicate with one another across the world and therefore carry on economic, professional, educational, social and other activities with ease. These decades of development indicate the vast potential for creating a world of order, security and well-being . The developments of the last three decades also indicate that while remarkable progress has been made in a number of directions, the fruits of development have not benefited the world’s growing number of poor people. And where some benefits have reached the poor, new problems are appearing in the form of deteriorating social fabric and environmental degradation. The world faces two major development challenges. The first is to ensure that the fruits of development reach the neediest through equitable distribution of resources, opportunities and benefits. The second is to develop human capabilities and address the challenges of development - political, economic and social. The few countries that have been able to meet both these challenges have demonstrated the importance of investing in developing people and improving the quality of their life through the adoption of human resource development strategies. THE CONTEXT AND THE NEED FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Today, there is practically no government or international agency that does not see the importance of human resource development. The World Bank; the United Nations and its constituent bodies include UNDP, UNIDO, WHO, ILO, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNESCAP; regional bodies like ASEAN and SAARC; the South Commission; the Commonwealth Secretariat; international non-government organizations(NGO’s); and bilateral aid agencies, all recognize the need for , and the importance of, human resource development. The components and dimensions of human resource development which they perceive as being of strategic importance at a given point of time, for a given country or a group of countries, may vary, but the focus is...
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human resources.zain - Human Resource Development (HRM-627)...

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