As a small child he never obeyed the impulse to take

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Unformatted text preview: out it. Perhaps I'd say, 'I'll just look at it,' and finally I'd go and take it--and feel so relieved and spend it. After I left the hospital it seemed to me that I could never smile again. I cried all night long; I wanted to die. I could see one girl who thought I was so good and nice, and her face as she looked at me when I left! Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was so stern, and she looked as if she wanted to speak but she turned around and walked away. One day I woke up after a restless night at home, and it seemed to me that I had strength, that something had turned around in my nature, and since that day I have never even wanted to steal. I haven't had to try to be good; it came as natural as eating and sleeping." The sexually under-inhibited are those whose sex control is deficient. This may be either from over-passionate nature, bad example, deficient mentality, vanity and desire for good times, as in certain girls, etc. To discuss these types would be to write another book, and so I forbear. But this I wish to emphasize: that neither age, sex protestation of indifference and control, occupation or social status, alters the fact that the history of the sex feelings, impulses and struggles is essential to a knowledge of character. Without detailing sex types, these are some that are important. 1. The uninhibited impulsive, passionate (the bulk of the prostitutes). 2. The controlled, passionate. Very common. 3. The frigid. Not so rare as believed. 4. The extremely passionate (nymphomania, satyriasis). Rare. Always in trouble. 5. The sensualist, a deliberate seeker of sex pleasure, often indulging in perversion. Common type. CHAPTER XVII. 150 6. The perverted types,--autoerotic (masturbator), homosexual, masochists, sadists, fetishist, etc. More common than the ordinary person dreams. 7. The periodic, to whom sex life is incidental to certain periods and situations. Common among women, less common among men. 8. The sublimators, whose sexual activity has somehow been harnesse...
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