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Unformatted text preview: 100 REFERENCES Adaviyappa S. (1994). Anapana Meditation for Children. Vipassana: Its Relevance to the Present World, Vipassana Research Institute. Ahmad Safia, Ahmjad Hanon, and Sumboo S. S. (1988). Personality study of individuals regularly practicing transcendental meditation technique. Journal of Personality and Clinical Studies. 4 (1), 89-92 Al-Hussaini A., Dorvlo A. S. S., Antony S. X., Chavan D., Dave J., Purecha V., Al-Rahbi S. and Al-Adawi S. (2001). Vipassana Meditation: A Naturalistic, Preliminary Observation in Muscat, SQU Journal for Scientific Research: Medical Sciences 2001, Vol. 3, No. 2: 87-92. American Psychiatric Association (1977). Position Statement on Meditation . American Journal of Psychiatry. Aminbhai Vijayalaxmi A. (1996). Effect of yogic practice on attitudes toward yoga and mental health of adults. Praachi Journal of Psycho-Cultural Dimensions, 12 (2), 117-120 Ayyar K. S. (1990). The Value of Anapana and Vipassana in Psychological and Psychosomatic Illnesses. A Reader: Seminar on Vipassana Meditation for Relief from Addictions and Better Health, Igatpuri-Nasik Vipassana Research Institute. Ayyar K. S. and Chokhani R.M. (1996). A Long-term Prospective Study of the Effects of Vipassana Meditation on the Psychological Profile of Meditators Mumbai: V. R. I. Project Report. Benson H. (1975). The Relaxation Response . N. Y., William Morrow and Co. Bhamgara M. A. (1990). Spiritual Dimension of Health the Neglected Dimension. Paper read at the International Seminar on Vipassana Meditation and Health. Igatpuri-Nasik, Vipassana Research Institute, Abstracts of Scientific Papers. Chandiramani K. (1991). Vipassana Meditation: A Mirror to the Mind, Indian J.Psychiat. , 33(4): 293-296. Chandiramani K. (1994). Psychological effects of Vipassana on Tihar Jail inmates . Vipassana: Its Relevance to the Present World, Vipassana Research Institute. Chandiramani K. (2000). A Study of the Attitudes of Prison Staff towards Use of Vipassana Meditation for Behaviour Change within Prison: V. R. I. Project Report . Chandiramani K. (2001). A Consciousness Therapy for Mental Health: Paper presented at the World Assembly for Mental Health, Vancouver, Canada. Chandiramani K., Jena R. and Hemraj (1995-b). Effect of Vipassana on psychiatric morbidity in prison inmates. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Chandiramani K., Jena R. and Verma S. K. (1995-a). Human figure drawings of prisoners and Vipassana . SIS Journal of projective psychology and mental health. Chandiramani K., Verma S. K. and Dhar P. L. (1995-a). Psychological effects of Vipassana on Tihar Jail inmates. Research Report, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi: Vipassana Research Institute....
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