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Freedom of Speech on Campus

Freedom of Speech on Campus - Nhi Tran ENGL 1213.18...

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Nhi Tran ENGL 1213.18 Brackett The Freedom Allowed to Exchange Ideas on University Campuses Conservative students today are hiding their beliefs on university campuses as more of their wholesome, traditional ideas are perceived as radical conservatism which is received by much ridicule and harsh criticism from other students and professors. What happen to the tolerance and acceptance of diversity? Looking around the campus, it seems like tolerance is only given to the outlandish, eccentric, and deviant. “Oh, it’s okay,” they say, “She/he is just different. There is nothing wrong with that.” These once scandalized liberal views have found a commonplace within university campuses and classrooms. Yet the masses refuse to recognize when someone wants to publicly praise their belief of the Bible, or when a classmate is repulsed by the thought of same-sex marriages. Do we not owe them the same tolerance and leniency? Compared to their widely accepted counterparts, conservatism is met with only disturbed, grim expressions. The classroom, a supposed sanctuary for freedom of ideas, can be compared more to the scene of a crime where family values are being murdered for the price of education. Many majors throughout the college require some form of psychology, philosophy, or religious course that forces students to be encased by uncomfortable subject matters that contradict principles taught at home. They must agree with the material enough to either write an essay or take a test to pass the course. Without realizing it, professors push their liberal stance onto students. Slowly it becomes difficult to differentiate the course from the professors’ own personal opinions. “Now
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this is my own personal opinion…” doesn’t relieve any minds when that professor is the one grading papers. It’s even more daunting for the opposing students when their classmates start
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Freedom of Speech on Campus - Nhi Tran ENGL 1213.18...

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