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Practice Problems Genetics Action Center 9/6/11, 9/8/11 1. Brad and Janet become acquainted at a college social. Their friendship blossoms and they are considering marriage. They know, however, that there is a history of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in both families, a disease that is inherited as an X-linked recessive disorder and is fatal relatively early in life. Janet’s maternal grandmother had two sisters who had children with the disorder, and Brad had a brother who died of the disease. What are the odds of this couple having an affected child? Suppose that Janet learns that her mother’s sister has just had a child with DMD. What are the odds that Brad and Janet might now have an affected child? 2. A man has defective tooth enamel, resulting in brown teeth. He marries a normal woman; all of his sons are normal, but all of his daughters have defective enamel. His children go on to marry spouses with normal tooth enamel; all of his sons have normal children, but one-half of his daughter’s children, males and females, have abnormal teeth. In this problem: a) the disease segregates an autosomal dominant; b) the disease segregates as an autosomal recessive; c) the disease segregates as a X-linked recessive; d) the
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action_center_2 - Practice Problems Genetics Action Center...

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