MBIO 3812 Environmental Isolate Report

MBIO 3812 Environmental Isolate Report - MBIO 3812...

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MBIO 3812 Fundamentals of Microbiology Guidelines for the Environmental Isolate Report The overall goal of this assignment is for the student to isolate and identify a microorganism from the environment. At the completion of this semester long assignment the student should be able to: i.) Apply aseptic techniques when handling microorganisms ii.) Understand the meaning and necessity of obtaining and maintaining a pure microbial culture for an extended period of time iii.)Demonstrate proficiency in the isolation and sub-culturing of pure microbial cultures iv.)Utilize data obtained from a wide variety of biochemical tests, growth conditions and staining methods in order to obtain a presumptive identification of an unknown environmental isolate v.) Maintain a formal laboratory notebook This assignment begins with Exercise 2-1 “Ubiquity of Microorganisms” and continues throughout the semester. The following is a general outline of what will be required for the presumptive identification of the environmental isolate (EI). 1. During Ex 2-1 “Ubiquity of Microorganisms” each student will sample an object outside of the building and inoculate this sample onto a TSA plate in order to allow any microbes present in the sample to grow. 2. After the plate has been incubated for ~24 hours at 37 ° C each student will choose 3 DISTINCT WELL - ISOLATED bacterial colonies from their plate and subculture each to a new TSA plate in order to obtain a pure culture of each (done in conjunction with the Supplemental Exercise “Sub-culturing Bacterial Isolates”). 3. Once pure cultures of the 3 isolates have been obtained the student will choose 1 of the isolates for further characterization. An important consideration in the choice of the EI is the microbe’s ability to grow rapidly enough to produce easily visible colonies after 24-48 hr incubation. Isolates that do not fit this criterion are not recommended for further characterization because of laboratory exercise time constraints. PURE CULTURES OF AT
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MBIO 3812 Environmental Isolate Report - MBIO 3812...

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