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MBIO 3812 Fundamentals of Microbiology GUIDELINES FOR THE LABORATORY NOTEBOOK MBIO 3812 Fundamentals of Microbiology is a laboratory course for science majors. One of the main goals of this course is teach the student to perform microbiology laboratory work. Among the most important duties in this course is to maintain a laboratory notebook that accurately details all the exercises performed in the laboratory. A good laboratory notebook should provide sufficient information to allow a reader to: i) Understand why an exercise was done ii) Know when the exercise was done and what was done so that the experiment could be repeated by other with similar results iii) Examine the results obtained from the exercise iv) Determine that the conclusions obtained from the data were interpreted correctly and are valid Be it in academic, biomedical, industrial and all other scientific fields a well kept dated and signed laboratory notebook is absolutely required as it could be used in association with patent rights, manufacturing quality control, courtroom testimony, medical decisions, and academic fraud (unfortunately). The following guidelines indicate how laboratory notebooks will be kept not only in this course but other 4000-level microbiology laboratory courses as well as any microbiology research projects. Over the course of the semester laboratory notebooks will be graded twice and can be picked up at the end of the semester as the empty pages in the notebook could possibly be used in another laboratory course. GENERAL POINTS FOR A GOOD LABORATORY NOTEBOOK 1. The notebook must be BOUND and the pages must NOT be removable. Notebooks or notepad with detachable paper are NOT acceptable. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive, dedicated laboratory notebook. Simple composition notebooks are fine. A used, bound notebook with ~60 pages is also acceptable; however, previously filled pages must be fastened together so that the notebook can immediately be opened to this course. 2. All laboratory notebook ENTRIES must be made in PERMANENT INK . Pencils or writing implements such as felt tip or gel type pens (water soluble inks) are NOT acceptable. 3. ENTRIES should NEVER be erased; instead errors should be stricken with a cancellation line so that they remain legible. Example: Temp. = 300 ° C = 30 ° C. 4.
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