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Syllabus LAB MBIO 3812 Fall 2011

Syllabus LAB MBIO 3812 Fall 2011 - MBIO 3812 Fall 2011 MBIO...

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MBIO 3812 Fall 2011 MBIO 3812 FALL 2011 FUNDAMENTALS OF MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES _______________________________________________________________________ _ Laboratory Coordinator: Karen Meysick, Ph.D. Office: GLCH 138 Phone 325-4156 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 9-10 am, Wednesdays 10-11 am and Fridays 2-3 pm or by appointment. LABORATORY TIMES AND LOCATION: TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Section 001: Rob Grizzle Section 002: Trevor Conkle Section 003: Jessica Turner Section 900: Jamie Cote Section 901: Alex Haluska Students should check with each TA for their office hours and contact information. REQUIRED LABORATORY TEXT AND MATERIALS: Microbiology: Laboratory Theory and Application, 3 rd edition Michael J. Leboffe and Burton E. Pierce Morton Publishing Company 2010 1) One box of microscope slides available at the Main OU Bookstore located on Asp Street under the football stadium-parking garage. SLIDES MUST BE PURCHASED BY MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12. 2) A simple calculator for use in certain laboratory exams (PDA or PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED) . 1
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MBIO 3812 Fall 2011 3) Printouts of supplemental materials posted on D2L ( http://learn.ou.edu ). These documents MUST be printed out and read prior to the appropriate laboratory. 4) Safety glasses ( OPTIONAL ). Community safety glasses, of varying quality, will be available in the laboratory. If a student would like their own pair of safety glasses they may be purchased at the Main OU Bookstore. 5) A BOUND laboratory notebook (a composition notebook works well). IN ADDITION, THERE IS A $100.00 SERVICE CHARGE FOR THIS COURSE, WHICH COVERS THE EXPENSES FOR EXPENDABLE MATERIALS USED THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTER. LABORATORY SAFETY: Safety in the laboratory is paramount. Students are expected to be in compliance with the safety regulations of the laboratory at all times. These regulations include, but are not limited to, those outlined in the lab manual (pages 1-5), those given in the lecture section and those provided by the TA in the laboratory. All safety rules are to be taken seriously. Any student failing to adhere to these safety rules will be warned ONLY ONCE. A second infraction of the rules will result in the student being expelled from the lab for the rest of the class. CONSISTENT DISREGARD OF THE SAFETY RULES WILL BE CONSIDERED GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL FROM THE COURSE. The following list of safety rules MUST be complied with at ALL TIMES : 1) Safety glasses MUST be worn at ALL times while in the lab, the only exception being when looking through the microscope. A student that needs constant reminding about wearing their safety glasses may have two points removed from their grade for each reminder . Safety glasses may be purchased at the Main OU Bookstore or the community glasses available in the laboratory may be used. 2)
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Syllabus LAB MBIO 3812 Fall 2011 - MBIO 3812 Fall 2011 MBIO...

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