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1 MBIO 3813-002 Day 2 (8/24/11) Fundamentals of Microbiology Honors Section Microbiology: Size Does Matter 1 µ m = 1 x 10 -6 m = 1 x 10 -3 mm 2 0 Texts • Read these for enjoyment first; fair game for class discussion • Specific Paper Topics released ca . 2 wks before paper is due • Short papers submitted electronically Interview with Rita Colwell • Introductory to Part 1, The Microbial Cell, pp. 2-3 Distinguished scientist: NSF pres, ASM pres, 10 2 s scientific papers; “viable but not culturable microorganisms”, role model… Vibrio cholerae ecology; pathogenesis; public health Vibrio cholerae V. cholerae ca. 1-2 µ m long; ubiquitous; devastating intestinal parasite in humans: cholera • This microbe will be a theme this sem., starting with Rita Colwell, then Gram- neg bacteria, then John Snow, exotoxins, quorum-sensing, gene expression, public health, &c.
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2 Copepod: Macrocyclops albidus Zooplankton Size: ca . 200 µ m Crustacean Eggs in egg case chitin coating, chitinase req’d for hatching See also Fig 21.1 (1st ed.) www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/copepod.htm Sari Cloth: 20 µ m mesh; can filter copepods out of H 2
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3813-002.F11.Day2posted - M B IO 3 8 1 3 0 0 2 D a y 2 8/2...

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