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1 MBIO 3813-002 Day 8 Fri 9/9/11 Characterizing Microbial Cell, cont’d –Biochemistry •X-Ray crystallography, NMR Anthropomorphism ex. Steve Owens in football helmet with icicles
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2 Lower resolution structures Bbc.com 9/6/11: NDM-1: New Delhi Metallo Beta-Lactamase, surface structure Recall β -lactam antibiotics; Anthrax Lethal Factor (Fig 2.43) Ribbon structural representation Madigan Brock Microbiology Fig. 4-29 Flagella Fimbriae
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3 COMMERCIAL BREAK Showed once again Fig 3.1 part 2, pointing out cell envelope, chemosensory proteins in the membrane, and flagellum Items all to scale, based predominately on
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Unformatted text preview: X-ray crystallography studies. Bact & Archaeal Cell Envelope: What’s outside the cytoplasm • Cytoplasmic membrane • Wall-type structure (often) • S-layer (sometimes, bact, archaea) • Outer-membrane (Gram-neg bact) • Mycolic Acids (Acid-fast bact) • Capsule layer (sometimes) • Pili, fimbriae (sometimes) • Rotary flagellum (sometimes) Cell Wall and External Structures • Compare and Contrast Cell Wall structure in Bacteria to that of other types of cells PEPTIDOGLYCAN Fig 3.17a (1st ed) Next pd: 3.17b Zeppelin-like str....
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3813-002Day8posted.shortened - X-ray crystallography...

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