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Mbio 3813-002 Chapters 1 to 3 and Exam 1 Preview 1 MBIO 3813-002 Fall 2011 These pages are s supplement to lecture and reading materials. They are not a comprehensive study guide, and do not include all information covered. They will help one to focus. We strongly recommend pre-reading the entire chapter. After that, reading the material linearly makes sense, and the figures in lecture are familiar ( cf. document “Prereading Chapters” under the General Information Content button). Also, there is a lot of new material ( viz. Chapter 1’s 45 Key Terms, each having precise meaning). A microbiology major course will have a significant critical thinking component. Spend some worthwhile time on the suggested Thought Questions. Answers are at the back of the book. For the thought questions identified below, write down a few ideas before looking at the answers. Textbook : Slonczewski, JL and JW Foster (2009) Microbiology: an evolving science . 1 st Edition. WW Norton & Co., New York, NY. ISBN 978-0-393-97857-5. Or: Slonczewski, JL, and JW Foster (2011) Microbiology: an evolving science . 2 nd Edition. W.W. Norton & Co, New York. ISBN: 978-0-393-93447-2 Approaching The Book Conventions herein : Important Sections, Thought Questions, Review Questions, and Key Terms (lists are non- exclusive!). Some citations are in boldface (pay special attention). 1 st nd Editions: we attempt to account for differences between them. Note: Lecture may include additional references to text items not shown here. Citations in [ ]: minor use of the item but it is worthy of thought. Preface : suggest prereading this section, in particular about the book’s organization (p. xvii-xxii) and student resources (p. xxii). Note the web references and Recommended Reading (useful in later courses) Chapter 1 : Sections : all; including interview with Rita Colwell, “The global impact of microbiology” Tables : 1.1 Thought Question s: [1.1], 1.2, 1.4, [1.5, 1.6 for reference in later chapters], [1.7], 1.8 End of Chapter Questions : 1, 2 , 3, 4 (Pasteur and Koch), 5, 6 Additional thought question: Why are many microbiologists arguing for the removal of the word “prokaryote” from common useage in classifying microorganisms? Key Terms
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Chapt1to3.Ex1preview - MBIO 3813-002 Weeks 1 to 3 ,...

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