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Mbio 3813-002 Fundamentals of Microbiology Fall 2011 1 Microbiology 3813 Section 002 Honors Fundamentals of Microbiology Fall 2011 Course Description and Preliminary Schedule Instructor: David P. Nagle , Ph.D. Room 330 George Lynn Cross Hall. dnagle@ou.edu (best way) (405)-325-1657 (office); (405)-325-4321 (dept) Office Hours: Mon & Wed 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., and by appointment Class Meets : Mon, Wed, Fri Room 310 GL Cross Hall Textbooks : Slonczewski, J.L, and J.W. Foster (2011) Microbiology: an evolving science, 2 nd edition . W.W. Norton & Co, New York. ISBN: 978-0-393-93447-2 or Slonczewski, J.L, and J.W. Foster (2010) Microbiology: an evolving science . W.W. Norton & Co, New York ISBN: 978-0-393-97857-5 eBook : Slonczewski and Foster, available in two formats at norton ebooks .com, per this website, ca. half price of hard copy, and individual chapters at about $3 and Johnson, S. The Ghost Map: the story of London’s most terrifying epidemic . Riverhead Trade ISBN: 978-1594482694; Required; Previous Ed’ns acceptable and Skloot, R. The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. Broadway; Reprint edition. ISBN 978-1400052189 Required; Previous Ed’ns acceptable I. Course Description: MBIO 3813 is the first required major course in Microbiology, and a prerequisite for most microbiology major courses. It also serves botany, chemical engineering, chemistry/biochemistry, environmental sciences, pharmacy, pre-PA, pre-dent, pre-med, pre-dent, pre- zoology, and others. Prerequisites (Sec 002): 1) One course each in Organic Chem and College Biol 2) Honors College OU catalogue description: “Cell structure of Procaryotes and Microbial Eucaryotes; survey of major groups of eucaryotic and procaryotic protists; metabolic characteristics and ecological roles; growth; symbiotic relationships; genetics." This “Fundamentals” course is rigorous, conceptual, and factual ( e.g. , ca. 400 terms). It is both classical ( i.e. “old” information) and state-of-the art ( e.g. today’s New York Times or JAMA ). MBIO 3813 lecture is a corequisite for MBIO 3812 (Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory). The laboratory is independent of the lecture and not required for success in it. Microbiology is a “do” and “observe” science, so lab may complement the lecture and vice versa . II. Policies and Procedures: Attendance and participation at lectures is required. Neither the book nor D2L provide a complete picture. Lectures do not just follow the book, and often tie in recent developments and may be discussion-driven. Fundamentals of Microbiology is not a correspondence course. It is not an on-
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M3813-002.Fall2011policies8-22 - Microbiology 3813 Section...

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