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Lec 1 – Introduction

Lec 1 – Introduction - aluminum copper gold...

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REVIEW LECTURE 1 – INTRODUCTION Geology – The science that pursues an understanding of the Earth. Geologists study: • The Earth’s Internal Structure • Earthquakes, volcanoes and mountain building • Weathering of rocks by water and wind • Chemistry of natural waters, rocks and soils • Oceans and atmosphere • Origin and evolution of life • Past environments and environmental changes through time • Exploration and development drilling for oil and gas • Mining and exploration and development of ores such as iron, coal,
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Unformatted text preview: aluminum, copper, gold, etc. • Climate change • Groundwater resources and contamination Geologists look at time in millions of years Hydrocarbon resources have an impact on the standard of living, economy and security of the world’s nations. Of the 44 gallons in a barrel of oil, only ~ 19.5 gallons are turned into gasoline. The other ~24 barrels are refined into products ranging from jet fuel, to crayons, Tupperware, aspirin and frames for bicycles....
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