CHI506 L. 13 Notes

CHI506 L. 13 Notes - Grammar notes for class 8(L13 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Grammar notes for class 8 (L13) 1. Questions a. (1) Add r at the end : STATEMENT + T ? QT: ANS: (subject) + repeat verb x U T T T T @ h p R E T @ R E T A % Gao B + T (2) Affirmative negative: Verb + T + Verb? QT: ANS: (Subject) + repeat verb r r @i @ r r @ r r @ ^ W ,, " * Gao ~ a ` * R p h p R E E R E B r Exception: r ; T (1) (2) (3) (4) r B w / @ @ x U w when r /r comes before r /r , affirmative-negative sentence cannot be used. x U w (><) x U w Grammar notes for class 8 (L13) *T w (><) * T w b. Tag question: STATEMENT + Tag? (Tag: r /r /r /r ) QT: * T ,r isn't he? r , , r r ,r isn't he? r , , r r ,* T doesn't he? r , * T , r r r Gao r ,r doesn't he? r , S r , S Ans: r or r , repeat verb r c. Request/Suggestion: STATEMENT + r QT: /r ? ANS: r /r S w r ,r S w ,r ( how about----?) , S (how abour----?) (would you--?) ,r r may I----?r , r (would you please---?) d. Interrogative Pronouns: r ? r ? r ? Grammar notes for class 8 (L13) *Tip: use direct statement r NEVER use r Who is he? he is who? r Where is he? he is in/on/at where? S Where does he live? he lives where? S Whose tea is this? this is whose tea? S w ...
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