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1 ENGR 2002 Extra Credit: Experiencing Engineering To: Class Team 29 T From: Matt Green CC: Sean Hoefer Date: January 27, 2011 Re: ENGR 2002 Extra Credit: Experiencing Engineering Assignment 1. Write a memo (one memo for all experiences) to your Team describing at least three (3) and up to five (5) „experiences‟ that you participated in this semester where you have demonstrated behavior valuable to your evolution in becoming “one of the most sought after engineering graduate in the world”. Each experience will be worth 20 points for a total assignment value of 100 points. This extra credit assignment will be added to your individual Homework Assignment Grade (which is 20% of your grade for the class). With 10 HWi assignments, this extra credit has the potential to add nearly 2.0% to your final grade. 2. The memo should be 1-2 pages (no longer), using the standard Memo format for this class. 3. Email the memo as an attachment to your team members and copy Matt Green and Drew Harnish.
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Unformatted text preview: Email should present the memo and have the subject line: ENGR 2002 00X Extra Credit: Experiencing Engineering. 4. Print the memo and submit the ‘hard copy’ to my office in the Williams Student Services Center by the beginning of class on the week of April 25, 2011. The following examples (opportunities are not limited to these examples) are offered as examples of Engineering Experiences… NSBE Conference (or other Engineering Society) E-Club, or E-1 Leadership position (or other Engineering Society) Big Brothers Big Sisters or other charitable volunteer activities Fraternity/Sorority Leadership Military/ROTC service (this semester) CAC, SAB, Crimson Club, President’s Leadership Class, etc. Service Projects or Community Involvement Participating in the SEES outreach program will be allowed to count for up to two (2) ‘experiences’…(1) for each event participation....
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