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Honors Assignment - Executive Summaries - ENGR 2002 Honors...

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ENGR 2002 Honors Assignment: Innovations That Matter To: Students Endeavoring to Receive Honors Credit for ENGR 2002 From: Matt Green CC: Sean Hoefer Date: February 17, 2011 Re: ENGR 2002 Honors Case Study Development: Innovations that Matter Assignment 1. Research and find two (2) publicly-available articles or videos (Ted.com, YouTube.com, or other) that present positive examples of an INTEGRATED/MULTI-DISCPLINARY Technology, Product, Service, or Business Innovation AND discuss how each article presents a positive example of multi-disciplinary and/or integrated engineering technologies demonstrating “design and innovation for the purpose of improving human life”. Each article should focus on a different topic/value, however it is likely that each will present examples (Situations and Behaviors) for multiple topics/values. The source for the articles can be any magazine, newspaper, trade publications, Ted.com, etc. The two articles ( combined ) should have examples of positive Behaviors regarding at least two of the following topics/values: Future Engineering Challenges Communications Technologies Engineering Ethics Teamwork and Team Building Project Management Design and Problem Solving
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Honors Assignment - Executive Summaries - ENGR 2002 Honors...

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