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Hosting Solutions About | News | Contact | Support | Privacy | Help Team Project Management It's Thursday, February 1st Sign-In Username: Password: Forgot Password? Become a Member Topics Add Project Add Task Adding Notes Percentage Complete Complete a Task Reassign a Task Changing Dates Converting a Task to a Project Manage Team Members Delete a Project Delete a Task View Task Summary View Open Tasks View Assigned Tasks Reminders Daily E - mails Hosting Solutions You may use iTeamwork for your project management needs free of charge, but ... iTeamwork offers solutions to host the iTeamwork Project Management Software on your own server or have us host a private version for you. Click anywhere in this box to find out all the details and pricing. .. Security Click here to use this site iTeamwork Overview Team Project Management couldn't be simpler with Create a project, create a task for that project and assign it to a person. That's all there is to it. iTeamWork's concept is to keep the management of tasks simple while providing a global view of project status. Backed by an e-mail notification system, everyone on a project is completely informed, every step of the way. A task cannot be created without a project. Tasks are grouped by project and therefore we need to start by creating the project first. To create a project, use the Add New Project link. The only information that is required is the name of the project and the expected completion date. In addition, you can control what kinds of e-mail notification you can receive based on task activity for this specific project. This means you can establish these e-mail notification settings on a project-by- project basis. Optionally, you can copy all tasks from any other project you have either created or currently manage. Simply select the project from the list next to Copy Project. Due dates for tasks will be adjusted relative to the due date set for the new project. Projects can be created in an inactive state to prevent email notifications from being sent until you have created all of the tasks and set due dates. Once activated, all email notifications are sent at that time. Click the Activate Project checkbox to have the project in an active state right from the start. The person creating the project becomes the project manager. As the project manager, you are the only one that can assign tasks to other people. Once a person, other than you, is assigned a task, they become a member of the project team. As a project team member, they may create tasks, but they can only be assigned to themselves. Below, you'll read about a feature that will allow a team member to delegate tasks. Once a project is created, it will be displayed in the Projects view. In this view, you will not only see all of the projects you create, but also projects in which someone else has assigned you a task (projects to which you are a team member). The distinction is identified by the last column, which displays the name of the project creator. Clicking on any project's description will display the project's tasks. You
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ITeamwork overview - Online To Do List and Task Management Hosting Solutions Page 1 of 7 About | News | Contact | Support | Privacy |

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