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1 ENGR 2003 001/002/003/004 RAT 3: Pre-Reading Clarifications To: Class From: Matt Green CC: Brandon McCalip Date: February 5, 2007 Re: ENGR 2003 001/002/003/004 Project Management Pre-Reading Clarifications The following is offered to provide direction and clarification for the purpose of the assigned pre-reading articles. Use this memo as a guide in reading the articles that will be covered in RAT 3 tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6 th . Google Queries The main purpose of providing the Google queries is to present the vast technologies and resources that are available to you (as an engineer) to utilize for effective project management (this semester, during your college career, and in your professional careers). It is NOT intended for you to memorize. The key points to consider: Types of Collaboration Tools Available: Web Conferencing: GoToMeeting, Webex, Adobe Acrobat Connect, MS Live Meeting Teleconferencing:,,,
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