Bowen's Reaction series

Bowen's Reaction series - Aphanitic Phanaritic Rhyolite...

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Olivine (Mg, Fe) SiO 4 Ca-Plagioclase CaAl 2 Si 2 O 8 Pyroxene (Mg, Ca, Fe) Si 2 O 6 Amphibole (Na, Ca) 2 (Mg, Al, Fe) 5 (Si, Al) 8 O 22 (OH) 2 Biotite K(Mg, Fe) 3 (AlSi 3 O 10 )(OH) 2 Na-Plagioclase NaAl Si 3 O 8 K-Plagioclase KAl Si 3 O 8 Muscovite KAl 2 (AlSi 3 O 10 )(OH) 2 Quartz SiO 2 Gradational Composition Bowen’s Reaction Series Mafic Intermediate Felsic Magma Type Rock Name
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Unformatted text preview: Aphanitic Phanaritic Rhyolite Granite Adesite Diorite Basalt Gabbro Properites High Si Low Si High Na, K High Mg, Ca, Fe Melting T ~600C Melting T ~1200C High Viscosity Low Gas Texture: Explosive Gentle melt first crystallize last...
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