J-i-T minerals and bonding

J-i-T minerals and bonding - The mantle and core must...

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Why is color not always a useful property in identifying a mineral? Match the following types of bonds with their definition and a mineral example. halite electrons are shared diamond oppositely charged ions are attracted to each other electrons move freely around several atoms copper 1 . ionic bond 2 . covalent bond 3 . metallic bond As a mineral property, fracture is the non-uniform breakage of a mineral. True False Cleavage planes form where the bonds are strongest in the crystal structure. True False If iron represents 35% of the Earth's composition, but only 6 % of the Earth's crust is iron, what does this imply? The rocks we find at the surface of the Earth are representative of the rocks throughout Earth. The average material that formed the Earth likely was very similar to the Earh's crust. The mantle and core must contain more than 35% iron.
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Unformatted text preview: The mantle and core must contain less than 35% iron. Silicates are the most common mineral group and differences between some silicates are due to only slight variations in their compositions. In order for elements to substitute for each other within the silicate structure the ions must have similar and For a substance to be a mineral, it must be a naturally occurring inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and an ordered atomic arrangement. Which of the following ARE NOT minerals? Select all the examples which are not minerals. ice cubes in your freezer quartz kryptonite Amber sapphire rock candy Beer obsidian- volcanic glass glacial ice Consider how easily halite (NaCl) dissolves in water. Why does quartz (SiO 2 ) not dissolve readily in water?...
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J-i-T minerals and bonding - The mantle and core must...

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