j-i-T sed 1 - 2 . Mineral 3 . Rock What three...

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Match the weathering terms below with the most appropriate description: Oxygen reacts with the mineral to form new minerals Water breaks ionic bonds within the mineral transfering ions into solution Mineral reacts with water to release ions and/or transform into new minerals breaks down larger particles into smaller particle through mecahnical processes Minerals dissolve to release ions into solution and/or react with water to form new minerals. 1 . Physical weathering 2 . Chemical weathering 3 . Dissolution 4 . Hydrolysis 5 . Oxidation Determine which of the following are elements, minerals, and rocks. Silicon sandstone limestone calcite kaolinite quartz Iron hematite feldspar basalt granite Alluminum 1 . Element
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Unformatted text preview: 2 . Mineral 3 . Rock What three characteristics do we use to describe the textures of clastic sedimentary rocks? cement color hardness sorting grain size rounding While hiking with two of your classmates, you observe an outcrop of sandstone rich in quartz and feldspar. Friend A says that the sand grains in the rock were eroded from a nearby basaltic volcano. Friend B says that the sandstone was derived from a more distant granite outcrop. Which one of your friends is right? Friend A Friend B ahead to Figure 19.24, which shows three beach deposits. If each deposit became a rock, what would be the name for each rock formed? Quartz Sandstone Fossiliferous Limestone Lithic Sandstone 1 . A 2 . B 3 . C...
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j-i-T sed 1 - 2 . Mineral 3 . Rock What three...

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