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Reading assignment Chapter 7b - recorded by different rocks...

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Reading Assignment: Chapter 7b – Geologic Time We will be discussing metamorphic rocks in class on Wednesday, Sept. 21st. The reading assignments below indicate the reading that will be emphasized during class time -- you will complete in-class and online assignments related to these concepts . Several of the questions at the end of the chapter are particularly useful for you to focus on during your reading. Try to answer the questions listed below in your notes before attempting the Just-in-Time Activities “Relative Dating” (due by noon on Monday Sept. 26th--“just in time” for class on Monday, so I can adjust the class period if needed to address troublesome spots in the material). This will help assure that you have learned the key concepts from the reading and will prepare you to complete the in-class assignments with confidence. Learning objectives: Apply established principles for placing  geologic events, such as processes 
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Unformatted text preview: recorded by different rocks in an outcrop, in order from oldest to the most recent Describe how geologists measure ages of rocks and of Earth itself Compare and evaluate different approaches to estimating Earth’s Age Reading for Monday, September 26th Class: Sections 7.6-7.9 • Confirm your knowledge questions 8-11 Confirm your understanding questions 7-12 Writing down the main topic of each paragraph in your notes or jotting questions and relationships in the margins will help you learn and cement the material as you read. When you are done with a section, reflect on what you have learned and what else you need to learn to understand the topic. Successful learners look up terms they do not know and seek out alternative sources of information (instructor, classmates, websites, other textbooks) when they are confused about a topic....
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