hw02 - you round each standard deviation to 0.0204 and...

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06E:071, Fall 2011 due Sep. 13 Homework 2 For the questions about conducting t tests for two means, either do them by hand or use a computer (or do them by hand and use the computer to check your work). 2. Exercise 7.25 (p. 444-5). 3. Exercise 7.66 (p. 467). Whenever questions don’t say anything about assuming equal variances, don’t assume they are equal. 4. Exercise 7.60 (p. 461). Don’t worry about getting the answer exactly if you do it by hand — if
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Unformatted text preview: you round each standard deviation to 0.0204 and 0.0159 you should get an answer that agrees to the rst two digits. 5. Exercise 7.87 (a) (p. 470). 6. Exercise 7.90 (p. 471). 7. Exercise 7.97 (p. 472). Note that this depends on data found in question 7.79 (p. 469) and is rather extreme: they mean that n 1 = n 2 = 2. 8. Exercise 8.61 (p. 522). 9. Exercise 8.67 (p. 522). 1...
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