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06E:071, Fall 2011 due Sep. 27 Homework 4 For the smaller problems like number 1, it is not too tedious to work out the statistic by hand, although it is not necessary. 1. Exercise 14.54 (p. 834) Note the groups / factors are number of days stored, and n i = 2 for i = 1,. ..5. 2. Exercise 14.64 (p. 836) 3. Exercise 14.66 (p. 836) 4. Exercise 14.52 (p. 832-3): the data set from the book (p. 833) can be found on the ICON page — at the bottom of the Content page there is a file called
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Unformatted text preview: Authors data that you can use. The file is called poets.csv (csv stands for Comma Separated Values). It is saved in that format so that you can open it with whatever program you like; for minitab, open it using File > Open Worksheet and choose to look for all file formats or csv files. The data is entered such that you should use the One Way (Unstacked) ANOVA method from the menu. 1...
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