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6A:002 Knowledge Inventory – Week 3 Page 1 Fall 2011 6A:002 Managerial Accounting Week 3 Knowledge Inventory This Knowledge Inventory is intended to help you build your inventory of knowledge in management accounting. Your production function for this inventory includes reading the textbook, attending class, preparing homework, and putting in extra time when those first three inputs are not enough. You should be building three types of knowledge in this class: language, concepts, and application of concepts. The best (and probably only) way to learn how to apply concepts is to practice applying them. Do the homework problems: actually sit down with a pencil and paper and write a solution. If you have any trouble at all with these problems, do unassigned problems. Language: You should know what these terms mean, know how they are related to one another, be able to give examples, and be able to explain what the term means to a reasonably intelligent person who is not taking this course. Learn this language before coming to class by reading the textbook.
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KnowledgeInventory_Week3 - 6A:002 Knowledge Inventory Week...

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