09.26.2011 (Intro to African History)

09.26.2011 (Intro to African History) - 09/26/2011

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09/26/2011 Introduction to African History Independence (Why and how did colonialism come to an end?) Sovereign states (legal entities that recogn i ze other states) End of WWII, largest colonial powers in Africa were France and Great Britian  (70% of colonies between the two); when war ended in 1945, the two  colonial powers were the weakest, and the victories powers after the war,  Soviet Union and the U.S., were committed to, at least on paper, anti- colonialism and self-determination Largest colony that Britain had was India, and became independent in 1947,  so Africa would obviously follow afterwards; India was the biggest colony in  size and population; British forced to grant independence to India.  All French colonies in East Asia became independent. First African colony to gain their independence was Ghana; Development of 
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This note was uploaded on 09/26/2011 for the course HISTORY 2511 taught by Professor Tibebu during the Fall '11 term at Temple.

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09.26.2011 (Intro to African History) - 09/26/2011

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