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Ethnic Notions Movie - people that are below. More settlers...

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August 19 th Ethnic Notions Shuffling and gliding around the law. Menstrals; played to the taste and values of their audiences. Manny was to be a sexual being, in books, she would be a threat to the mistress to the entire system. Would be desired by the owner of the house. Alligator pursuing the child. Menstral was a way out of slavery. Native Americans their portrayals changed. Nobel savages. Inferior, but noble. Good servants. Good
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Unformatted text preview: people that are below. More settlers came and they were able to take their land. Indians became group savages. The characters, of ethnic groups changed with what was needed at the time. Mexicans do the most work, but are still seen as lazy. Tribute to the Native American culture. Image of Mexicans, darker skin. Mexicans are portrayed as gangsters....
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