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What is sociology - What is sociology? Sociology-...

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What is sociology? Sociology- systematic study of human interaction enables us to see how the group of which we belong & the society. Systematic- standardized methods, it is a science. People are the study of analysis. Society- large grouping of people that occupy particular geographical territory and share the same political and cultural Sociology is categorical rather than normative. Sociology is concern with what is, not what should be. Interest in studying social life. Not necessary what should be. What is going out in the world. Sociology is pure and not an applied social science. Collect information. Sociology is abstract rather than concrete. Implies that we are looking for patterns, general behavior. Sociology is general and is not a special social science. Ex. Is that a world wide trend/universal. Or is it only specific to the united states. Sociologist- human social behavior from a group perspective. (human behavior to discuss patterns) Anthropology investigates culture beliefs and specific traits of groups. Political science studies theory of government, organization, history. Economist, production, consumptions distribution of goods and services.
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What is sociology - What is sociology? Sociology-...

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