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CH 6 Notes - CH6Notes 18:45 Mosttimeconsuming...

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CH 6 Notes 18:45 Playwright’s life and words Most time consuming Don't sell their copy right Not writers for hires Considered “management” Rent their scripts Reward is see their work presented as written Closed shop union Aka union shop All emplyees must belong and which the emplyer formally recognize their sole  collective bargaining agent Emplyees can call a strike if their demands go unmet Writers guild of America (WGA) US laws don't allow this Open shop union Membership is optional Meaningful strikes are impossible Dramatists guild of America (DGA) o Champion the rights of playwrights
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o Cant do much to demand higher pay Art of playwriting Limited for of storytelling Dialogue o Spoken text of play Parentheticals o Short descriptions ex terrified o Italicized Stage directions Theme Central idea or moral
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