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Vidovic 1 Sara Vidovic Professor Rudy Ramirez Ethnic Studies 101 June 28, 2011 Army of God The Army of God is an underground Christian anti-abortion terrorist group. It is loosely organized, made of many small groups working independently toward the same goal. As said in the Army of God Manual, the Army of God “is a real army” in which “God is the General and Commander-in-Chief.” In short, the army believes that they have a duty to God to do their best to stop all activity at abortion clinics. The Army of God Manual is the manuscript of this hate group and traces out instructions for abortion clinic violence. This manual was found after member Shelley Shannon shot abortion provider George Tiller in Kansas in his backyard. It is believed to have been drafted in 1988 in a jail after several anti-abortion extremists were arrested for protesting during the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. There are three editions published, each one advocating progressively more and more violent activities like blockading entrances, acid attacks, arson, and bomb-making. In fact, one of the most appalling things stated at great lengths in the manual is how to cut off the thumbs of abortion givers. In addition, the manuscript contains anti-government language highly critical of the government for not upholding what the group sees as Christian values as well as anti-gay/lesbian slurs. The last edition of this handbook called for murder of abortion providers as the only way to end abortion. First mention of the Army of God was when three members of the group captured an
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New_Lexicon_of_Hate_J8-1 - Vidovic 1 Sara Vidovic Professor...

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