chapter6 - Chapter 6: The News Director Paragraph 1 -To...

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Chapter 6: The News Director Paragraph 1 -To journalists, news is what the News Director thinks is important and will draw an audience. -Decisions of news director form our consciousness of what the world is like. Paragraph 2 -News directors do not last long at their job Paragraph 3 -News directors carry a heavy burden -three envelopes to be opened after a ratings period “fire the anchors” “change the set” “take three envelopes and…” Paragraph 4 -Pressure on news director to excel not in journalistic area but in ratings makes the average time a news director stays on the job short Paragraph 5 -Even if they did care about truth, speed, and accuracy of their journalism, their jobs depend on how many people watch their shows. -The need “help” but “help” is an ambiguous term Paragraph 6 -Consultants hired to find ways to increase ratings of news shows and to do so quickly -Don’t care about solid journalist: they determine if the talent I likeable and a good communicator. -Attract customers not viewers. = their form of help Paragraph 7 -Consultant may draw profile of the average viewer the station wants to attract. Compiles age, economic status, and consumer habits of the audience. Sees if reporters and anchors fit the viewer profile -Focus groups of representative viewers who watch tapes of programs under controlled conditions and report their reactions and consultants will extrapolate from their.
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chapter6 - Chapter 6: The News Director Paragraph 1 -To...

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