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Local news “DID YOU SEE THAT…awesome!” Bumpers Hard Hitting local news: Credit card story is started with a question to arouse viewer interest. Credit card companies want to loan money again and they want to loan money to you. It doesn’t hurt you at all to buy a new credit card. Interview emphasizes the funny things the person he’s interviewing says. For instance he yells out twice “drug problem” and “girlfriend” to keep viewer interest. Anchor also asks questions about credit score that would actually apply to
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Unformatted text preview: audience. However, all the enigmas of ones credit score cannot possibly be covered in a few minutes. Afterwards the anchor once again repeats drug problem or a girlfriend to keep audience attention through the next few bumpers about new limits in restaurants about bringing children or the optimum amount one should spend on dog food. Since there are several local news stations No kids allowed at Restaurants...
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