THENEWS1 - -Good Morning America: starts with whole team...

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-Good Morning America: starts with whole team sitting together and conversing. 1) How are the stories in the program ordered? Does the most important story come first, or is it held back to make the viewer watch longer? How sensational is the first story? Is a more sensational story mentioned but held back (“But first…”)? The first story was about a heatwave and started with the weather which apparently attracts all sorts of audience members because everyone is interested in the weather. The next big story was how Congress is attempting to save America from default and Social Security. Next lead story was the World Cup, and next was the interview with Jaycee Dugard, another crowd pleaser. Perhaps the most sensational was the interview with Dugard which took up a maybe 75% of a segment before and after commercial. In the beginning of the show, the lead anchor calls Diane’s interview with Dugard “just amazing,” so as to keep viewers in. 2) Does the news program contain bumpers? If so, how are they, like the teases, designed to entice viewers? Again, what images are presented? What information is given and withheld to make the viewers want to tune in? What emotions do they appeal to? Is the story in the bumper presented after the commercial, or is it withheld longer? The weatherman, a tall, blonde athletically built man wearing a grey suit and matching tie says that he’ll say what will “break the heat wave” after a break. The anchors continually call a score made by a soccer team a “thrilling goal” to keep viewer interest. The Jaycee Dugard story is referred to a lot as well, and is kept in the middle of the broadcast to draw in interest. Anchors review stories outside the lead story like a story about a sinking boat in Russia and news on NASA. With these stories are graphic images that Postman stated are prepared beforehand and stored for potential use. Tax hikes: only focus on negatives and use animations to keep viewer attention throughout show. Apparently, the positives and optimism behind news stories makes “bad TV news” Credit card story on local news is started with a question to arouse viewer interest. Credit card companies want to loan money again and they want to loan money to you. It
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THENEWS1 - -Good Morning America: starts with whole team...

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