thewestandtherest - Formations of Modernity Stuart Hall...

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Formations of Modernity Stuart Hall Examines the processes through which advanced, developed, and industrial societies emerged. o Traces the paths by which society achieved “ modernity o Explores the role that societies outside Europe played in the processes How was the idea of “the West and the Rest” constituted? How did relations between western and non-western societies come to be represented? 1.1 Where and What is “The West” Our perceptions of ‘East’ and ‘West’ have never been free of myth and fantasy however they usually exclude ideas about “place” or “geography” Nowadays, many societies want to become “western” in terms of merely achieving “western” standards of living” Columbus: west was believed to be the quickest route to wealth and various trading opportunities on the East. “West” and “western” entail complex ideas that don’t have a simple or single meaning. o So what exactly are these different societies ‘east’ and ‘west’ exactly? Words can refer to geography but also a type of society, a level of development, etc. “The West” as a way of describing society or development is no longer just in Western Europe and not all of Europe is in “the West” o Eastern Europe and Latin America (located in the west) are NOT part of “the West” o America and Japan (far East) ARE part of “the West” ‘the West’ is a historical NOT a geographical construct o by ‘WESTERN’ we mean the TYPE OF SOCIETY discussed whether it be developed, industrialized, urbanized, capitalist, secular, and modern
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thewestandtherest - Formations of Modernity Stuart Hall...

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