midterm history 1302 - HISTORY 1302 MIDTERM EXAM 1. All of...

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HISTORY 1302 MIDTERM EXAM 1. All of the following nations BUT ONE fought on the side of the Central Powers during WWI. Which is the EXCEPTION? Russia Germany Austria-Hungary The Ottoman Turks 2. In 1900, which one of the following groups of workers would GENERALLY have been the highest paid? Black Protestant men White Catholic women Native-born men of Chinese descent Male immigrants from north and west Europe 3. All of the following EXCEPT ONE are reasons why conservatives opposed widespread knowledge of birth control measures. Which is the EXCEPTION? It was immoral It would promote sexual promiscuity It would be “racial suicide” for the white race It would expose women to physically dangerous practices. 4. It could be said that Washington’s Realistic Accommodation theory was more beneficial for future generations of African-American, while DuBois’ theory worked better for blacks of the late 1800’s. True False 5. Progressivism differed from Populism in that Progressivism Did not draw any support from the south and west Had appeal among workers and businessmen as well as farmers Did not propose using the government to solve economic problems Concentrated concern for rural improvements rather than for urban 6. Which piece of legislation most upset Teddy Roosevelt during the Taft administration? Passage of the income tax amendment Passage of the amendment that allowed for the direct election of senators Passage of the Federal Reserve Act Passage of the Payne-Aldrich Tariff 7. Unlike Booker T. Washington, black spokesman W.E.B. DuBois Was born in slavery and denied a formal education Helped to reduce the aspirations and expectations of his race
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Demanded immediate restoration of civil rights for blacks, especially the “talented ten Developed an immediate large popular following. 8. The expression, “yellow journalism,” refers to the newspapers that emphasized A liberal viewpoint Pacifism in foreign affairs Lurid and sensationalist news accounts The dangers of Oriental immigration 9. John D. Rockefeller did all of the following to make his oil business succeed EXCEPT ONE. Which the EXCEPTION? Relentless cost-cutting through efficient use of resources Engaging in cut-throat competition Using his control of the industry to ultimately drive prices up Refusing to spend money on vertical integration techniques 10.Following the Civil War, most of the Plains Indians lived Largely as sheepherders in permanent adobe settlements On small farms alongside poor white settlers In large western towns, performing manual labor A nomadic life, following the buffalo herds 11.After the Bolshevik Revolution in November, 1917, the new Russian government, led by Vladimir Lenin, Negotiated a hasty and costly peace with the Central Powers Negotiated secret treaties with the Allied Powers to divide the postwar spoils Supplied the necessary troops which would guarantee Allied success Called for creation of a world government to maintain international peace and security
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midterm history 1302 - HISTORY 1302 MIDTERM EXAM 1. All of...

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