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SPC 1608 Public Speaking Dr. Wilson Assignment Sheet Introductory Speeches--Students will introduce themselves or a classmate to the class. 2-3 minutes minimum. 10 points. Impromptu Speeches--Students will select a topic at random and speak on that subject. 2-3 minutes. 10 points. Informative Speeches--The speech will tell the class about a subject with which the class may be unfamiliar. A typed key word outline is required and will be holistically graded. Time limits: 5-7 minutes. 100 points. The outline is worth 50 points. Three references are required. Persuasive Speeches--The speech will persuade the class to do something or change a belief about some subject. Time limits: 6-8 minutes. 150 points for the speech and 100 points for a typed preparation outline. Five (5) references are required. Tests--Tests are worth 50 points each. Tests will cover chapters in the textbook. Questions will consist of 20 multiple choice and 3 short answer questions. Class Debates--Students will speak for or against a specific
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Unformatted text preview: proposition. Time limits: First Affirmative Speech 6 minutes First Negative Speech 4 minutes Second Affirmative Speech 3 minutes Second Negative Speech 4 minutes Third Affirmative Speech 3 minutes 200 points for the presentation. 100 points for 20 note cards with information about the topic. Final Examination--The final examination is worth 100 points. The final examination will cover all chapters in the text, class activities, and handouts. The final is 50 multiple choice questions. Speech Critique--Students will write a one page essay (single-spaced if handwritten, double-spaced if typed) evaluating a speech they observed outside of class. The speech critique is worth up to 30 points. Extra Credit Paper — Students may write a one page essay evaluating an outside speech for up to 20 points. *Written assignments will be evaluated based on content and form (spelling, punctuation, grammar, organization, etc.)....
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