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Speech Critiques Dr. Wilson Each student must write a one-page evaluation of a speaker (single-spaced if handwritten, double-spaced if typed). The speaker could be a guest speaker on campus, a lecturer or candidate who speaks in the community, or a speaker on television (C-SPAN carries presidential debates, speeches by the President, and other political speakers). Speakers should not be someone you listen to as part of your normal routine (minister, rabbi, or a classmate, etc.). Learning Resources in the Library also has speech tapes: AIMS Media. “Patrick Henry‟s „ Liberty or Death ‟.” Buscaglia, Leo. Loving Relationships .” The Great Debates: Kennedy-Nixon. Moyers, Bill. “Free Speech for Sale.” Moyers, Bill. “ The Truth about Lies. Presidential Debate: George Bush v. John Kerry Speaking with Confidence .” University of Nebraska. The Speeches Collection . “Winston Churchill.” The Speeches Collection . “John F. Kennedy.” The Speeches Collection
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