Speech Criticism Bibliography

Speech Criticism Bibliography - Speech Criticism...

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Unformatted text preview: Speech Criticism Bibliography The following collection of books should be available on reserve in the BCC University/College Library. The books listed include collections of speeches and books that contain examples of speech criticisms. Together, they should assist you to select a topic for a writing credit paper that evaluates a speech or speaker and to increase your understanding of the methods that can be used to evaluate a speakers ideas and techniques. Adams, John Quincy. Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory . New York: Russell and Russell, 1962. PN175.A4 1810a Andrews, James. A Choice of Words: the Practice and Criticism of Public Discourse . New York: Harper and Row, 1972. PN4121.A67 1973 Arnold, Carroll C. Criticisms of Oral Rhetoric . Columbus, Ohio: C.E. Merrill Publishing Co., 1974. PN4121.A72 Asante, Molefi K. Rhetoric of Black Revolution , by Arthur L. Smith. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1969. PS663.N4 S6 Bosmajian, Haig A., ed. The Rhetoric of the Speaker: Speeches and Criticism . Boston: Heath, 1967. E178.6.B65 Bowers, John Waite and Donovan J. Ochs. The Rhetoric of Agitation and Control ....
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Speech Criticism Bibliography - Speech Criticism...

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