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Speech Critique Sheet

Speech Critique Sheet - VERBAL QUALITIES Grammar Clear...

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Speech Critique Sheet Dr. Wilson Speaker: ____________________________ Time: ___: ___ Score: +_____/_____ Rating Scale: 1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Average 4-Good 5-Superior Characteristic: Rating: Comments: CONTENT: Topic appropriate, relevant, interesting? Adequate variety of data, examples, and quotes? Documentation? Visual aids effective? ORGANIZATION: Clear thesis? Interesting introduction? Logical and clear organization? Conclusion effective?
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Unformatted text preview: VERBAL QUALITIES: Grammar? Clear transitions? Vivid language? Conversational? Verbal pauses avoided? VOCAL QUALITIES: Volume? Pace? Pitch? Variety? Pronunciation? Vocal Quality? Smoothness? Vocal Pauses? Intensity? Dynamic? NONVERBAL QUALITIES: Eye contact? Gestures? Posture? Use of notes? Use of podium? Facial expressions? Body movement? OTHER: Poised? Adapted to the audience? Energy and enthusiasm? Appropriate Length? Additional comments:...
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