Study Guide 1 - Active listening Reasoning Prejudice Six...

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Study Guide for Test 1 Dr. Wilson Chapters 1,4-6,14 Public Speaking 5-26-2009 Tests will normally consist of 20 multiple choice and 3 short answer questions. Multiple choice questions will be based mainly on definitions in the book. Short answer questions will be based on lists in the book (asking for 2-3 items from a longer list). You should be able to distinguish definitions for the following: Chapter 1: Speaking with Confidence Declamation Channels Noise Sources Feedback Elocution Messages Receivers Context Encoding/Decoding Empowerment Rhetoric Seven Elements of the Communication Process (pp. 7-8) Methods to Build Confidence (pp. 16-19) Chapter 4: Listening to Speeches Selecting Attending Understanding Rhetorical Criticism Critical Thinking Facts Remembering Inferences Information overload Critical Listening
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Unformatted text preview: Active listening Reasoning Prejudice Six Barriers to Effective Listening (p. 66) Six Steps for Effective Feedback to Others (pp. 82-83) Chapter 5: Analyzing Your Audience Values Demographics Attitudes Beliefs Open-ended Questions Psychological Audience Analysis Close-ended Questions Situational Audience Analysis Culture Ethnocentrism Ethnicity Demographic Audience Analysis Three basic elements of Audience Analysis (p. 96) page 2 Chapter 6: Developing Your Speech Brainstorming Central ideas Behavioral objective Specific purpose Three general speech purposes (pp. 131-132) Chapter 14: Using Presentation Aids Murphy's law Charts Models Graphs Guidelines for Developing/Using Visual Aids (p.323-328) Be sure to read the assigned chapters thoroughly, since some questions may be asked that are not on this list....
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Study Guide 1 - Active listening Reasoning Prejudice Six...

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