Study Guide 2 - Chapter 9: Organizing Your Speech Primacy...

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Study Guide for Test 2 Dr. Wilson Chapters 7-9,11,15 Public Speaking 5-26-2009 The textbook includes several definitions that are of importance to understanding the concepts in the text: Chapter 7: Gathering Supporting Materials Reader's Guide World-wide Web Stacks Card catalog Periodicals Interviews Reference resources Boolean search Search engine Catalog of US Government Publications The seven types of library resources (p. 153) The seven reference resources in libraries (p. 157) Chapter 8: Using Supporting Materials Illustrations Explanation Description Operational definition Literal analogies Figurative analogies Statistics Extended illustration Definitions Primary/secondary source Opinions Hypothetical illustration Seven types of supporting materials (p. 188)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9: Organizing Your Speech Primacy Transitions Complexity Recency Previews Hard evidence Summaries Soft evidence Signposts Internal previews Five major organization patterns for speeches (pp. 197 and 203). Chapter 11: Outlining and Editing Your Speech Preparation outline Delivery outline Standard outline form Speaking notes Mapping Three elements for standard outline form (p.243) Page 2 Chapter 15: Speaking to Inform Andragogy Word pictures Five types of informative speeches (p. 340) Five strategies to enhance audience recall (pp. 347-350) As always, some test questions may come from items that aren't in these notes, so be sure to read the chapters in the text thoroughly....
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Study Guide 2 - Chapter 9: Organizing Your Speech Primacy...

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