Study Guide 3 - Chapter 16: Persuasion Persuasion Attitudes...

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Study Guide for Test 3 Dr. Wilson Chapters 10,13,16-17 Public Speaking 5-26-2009 You need to be familiar with the following concepts: Chapter 10: Introducing and Concluding Your Speech Credibility Illustrations Rhetorical questions Anecdotes Closure The five purposes for an introduction (p.223) Ten methods for introducing a speech (p. 224) Chapter 13: Delivering Your Speech Eye contact Volume Articulation Pronunciation Pitch Inflection Extemporaneous Speaking Ethnocentrism Immediacy Microphones Nonverbal communication Vocalized pauses Dialect The four methods for delivering a speech (p. 281) Six functions of gestures (pp. 284-285) Seven criteria for effective gestures (p. 286) The six major characteristics of good vocal delivery (p. 294)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16: Persuasion Persuasion Attitudes Beliefs Values Self-actualization Fear appeals Cognitive dissonance Proposition Ethos Logos Pathos Five ways for coping with cognitive dissonance (p. 362) Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (pp. 363-364) Three types of propositions (p. 370-372 and 374) Page 2 Chapter 17: Strategies for Speaking Persuasively Credibility Inductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Fallacies Examples Statistics Opinions Charisma Refutation Generalization Analogy Causal reasoning Inferences Syllogisms Dynamism Competence Fact Demagogue Evidence Reluctant Testimony Eight fallacies in reasoning (pp. 391-392) Monroe's motivated sequence (pp. 404-406) Three phases of credibility (pp. 381-382)...
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Study Guide 3 - Chapter 16: Persuasion Persuasion Attitudes...

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