MCB 2010 Lab Winter north

MCB 2010 Lab Winter north - MICROBIOLOGY 2010 LABORATORY...

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MICROBIOLOGY- 2010 LABORATORY Winter 2009 Professor A. Fuad Khan Phone: 954-201-2421 Office: 57-135 Science dept.: 954-201-2284 Office Hours: M-R: 9:00 - 9:30 Fax: 954-201-2479 MW 2:30- 3:00 E-mail: [email protected] TR 2:00- 2:30 Science is an active learning activity. It is difficult to understand what microbiology is really like by just reading about it. Part of the goals of this laboratory course is to enhance your skills as an active learner and critical thinker. In laboratory appropriate techniques will be demonstrated. ANY MICROORGANISM COULD BE POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS! I will insist that careful laboratory procedure is observed. If any student works in a sloppy manner, the work is unsatisfactory regardless of whether or not "proper results” are obtained. You will know which laboratories will be covered on what day. You must be efficient in order to complete the lab exercise satisfactorily in the time assigned. Therefore, it is imperative for you to read in your lab manual in advance. Encourage you to read other relevant material (textbook, journals, etc) that you can find on every new organism that you will be handling. This will acquaint you not only with the general characteristics of the organism, but also with possible pathological aspects. I will provide you a list of all of the organisms that you will be using in this lab. A detailed course outline can be obtained from: PREREQUISITES AND COREQUISITE 3 Hours Chemistry and 4 Hours of Biology (Any Biological Science course e.g. Anatomy and Physiology, Zoology, Botany etc) Co requisite : MCB 2010 Lecture All prerequisites must be completed before taking MCB 2010L. If you keep attending this lab without completing the prerequisites in advance, grade “W” will appear on your transcript. If you withdraw from MCB 2013 L, you will also be withdrawn from MCB 2010.  
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MCB 2010 Lab Winter north - MICROBIOLOGY 2010 LABORATORY...

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