cells 1 - Cells and their structure 0 Cell 0 Smallest unit...

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Cells and their structure 0. Cell 0. Smallest unit of life Cell Theory 1 ) All organisms are composed of cells. 2) The cell is the basic living unit of life. 3) All cells arise from pre existing cells. Common cell characteristics 1. All cells have: 0. 1) cytoplasm- jelly like fluid and subcellular components 1. 2) plasma membrane 2. 3) concentrated genetic material Cell Types Prokaryote DNA concentrated in a region- no formal nucleus 2. Eukaryotes 3. Cells that have their genetic material separated from the cytoplasm by a membrane called the nuclear envelope. 4. Most cells are eukaryotes. Cell membranes 5. 3 kinds 3. Plasma membrane- surrounds cytoplasm 4. Nuclear envelope- surrounds nucleus 5. Organelle membranes- surround organelles Organelles- sub cellular structures that perform specific jobs. Characteristics of cell membranes 6. 1 ) selectively permeable
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6. Some substances may pass through the membrane while others cannot. 2) Cell protection Cell membrane structure 7. Membrane consists of: 8. Two layers of phospholipids called a bilayer . 1. Glycerol heads face outward Why? 2. Fatty acid tails face inward Why? Membrane permeability 9. What can pass through the phospholipid bilayer? 7. Water 8. Oxygen and carbon dioxide 9. Small, neutral molecules What cannot pass through? Large molecules or compounds
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cells 1 - Cells and their structure 0 Cell 0 Smallest unit...

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